SKeClaim includes a number of features to help make the process of managing your medical claims both simple and efficient. Some of the more popular ones are:

Integrated Help System: A full context-sensitive help system is included in addition to the full User Guide and Quick Start Guide PDF documents. While using SKeClaim, simply press the F1 key to bring up help specific to the activity being performed. The on-line help also includes a full Table of Contents and Index to quickly find help on a specific topic.

Simple Data Entry: Entry of claim records is simple and straightforward. The data entry screen has been designed to provide a logical approach to inputting claims, with the information grouped in sections: doctor, patient, location and diagnostic, and services provided. Lookup tables provide easy access to specific information simply by pressing Alt-L while in a data entry field. Claim amounts are automatically calculated based on the specifics of the service (e.g.: fee code, number of units) but can be overridden if required. Selected sections of a claim can be automatically copied into a new claim record to avoid repetition during data entry.

Automatic Updating: Updates to the support tables (e.g.: diagnostic codes, fee codes, return codes, referring doctors) are automatically downloaded and installed when they are available. The system maintains multiple sets of fee schedule information, and automatically selects the one applicable to the date of the service performed.

Claim Validation: Claim records are validated when they are entered in order to minimize the possibility of incorrect information being submitted to MSB for payment. Some validations can be set as warnings rather than errors to allow special circumstance claims to be entered.

Reports: SKeClaim can produce printed reports of the claims submitted or returned, or patient records with invalid personal health numbers. The reports can be printed or saved as PDF files.